Backgammon – The Game of Ages

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Backgammon board game

History of Backgammon:

In this digital era, it is hard to imagine for us that in early days of humanity. What kind of entertainment people have in their lives. Especially when there was no internet, no TV and not the kind of sports we have in our lives nowadays. But of course the nature of life was the same as today. So the people invented their own ways of entertainment in their lives. They invented TAMBOORO, DAFF, and FLUTE that are known as very first musical instruments in the history. As of their outdoor sports, they used to play GAMALO (look like an old version of polo) NAGASARI and HOLAMA. And when we talk about their in-door modes of entertainment habits, even at that period of time, they use to play, CHESS, BACKGAMMON, and RUMMY etc.

According to the research of some very well-known gaming sites, they stated Backgammon as one of the oldest strategy and board game of human history. As of many other board games, Backgammon is a two player’s game. where pieces are moved according to the dice roll.

A player wins the game if he removes all his pieces prior to his opponent. You can say it a mixture of strategy and luck together, somewhat like poker.

Conversion of Backgammon:

Backgammon belongs to the old era but due to its acceptance among the people by the time being, computer scientists bring it to life after a lot of research work. Now it is part of many successful gaming sites packages where you can play this game with any player around the world. There are the numbers of sources where you can play Backgammon online. Here are the prime examples of such sites.

How to Setup Backgammon:

There can be different criteria as per the game set up is concerned. Here, we will set it up according to the formation.

According to this formation, each side of the board has 12 long triangles called points. It shaped like a horseshoe and is numbered from 1 to 24. Each player starts with fifteen checkers, where mostly 2 are placed on 24th point, three on 8th point, five each on 13th point and 6th point respectively.

Players move their pieces in opposite directions (from 24th point to 1st point).

According to this formation, a point on to six are called home board point seven to 12 are called outer board the seventh point known as bar point where the thirteenth point is called midpoint.

Movement in the Game:

To start the game each player needs to roll the dice however the player with the higher numbers will move first by considering the numbers on both dices. In case of similarity, players will roll the dice again.

The movement of the checkers depends on the numbers comes on the dice. For example, if a player rolls the number 5 and 4 on both dices (denoted as “5-4”). He will be able to move one of his checkers five points forward and another of the same checker 4 points forward.

For a detailed look, you may visit

Rules of the Game:

Backgammon contains 30 stones (pieces), 15 black and 15 white with fixed placement on the board. At the first move, 2 stones will be placed on each side. In field 12, it is 12 tiles for each side where the 17th triangle contains three stones each. After that 5 pieces will come to position 19. Keep in mind that this is just a simple form of the game, there is no fixed regulation as per the game is concerned. However, it depends on the movement of the first player.


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